Each project will need a consultation to assess the space before the designing starts. This will address the client’s budget, needs, wants, likes and dislikes, so the designer can bring their vision to life.

Consultation Service in home: $75 fee (Atlanta area only. Other surrounding areas and states please send an email providing your address for a quote).

Virtual Consult

A virtual consult is a consult via Zoom or FaceTime. This is a great option for clients who want a designer’s opinion on their current space. Advice will be given on furniture, furniture placement, room color choices, and lighting/light fixtures etc.

Fee:  $25

Virtual Design

A virtual design is a design that can be created via Zoom or FaceTime. After a virtual tour is completed, and the client is satisfied with the recommendations, then a step by step design will be given by the designer for the client to complete.

Please note this service will not include store links for shopping.


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  • Design per room: varies 
  • Full Service Interior Design


What is E-design? E-design is an online 2D/3D rendering created for a space and includes shopping links. This service provides a simple, affordable alternative to our full service interior design. For the client who wants direction with designing given by the designer’s eye, but doesn’t mind preparing and completing the project on their own; then this is for you. The process involves getting information from you to learn your personality, style, and what you envision for your space. After all information is gathered, then a beautiful custom design plan is created that serves you as a do-it-yourself guide to complete your  project at your own pace.

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